Southcott Netball Club

Southcott Netball Team

The fun and friendly Southcott Netball Club have been sponsored by the Southcott Village Residents Association since 2016.

The club has a long history (see below) and the majority of the team still live in and around the estate, playing in the Aylesbury District Netball League on a Wednesday during the Winter and in the Milton Keynes Summer League during the Summer.

We are always looking for new members to join us, so please get in contact with us via private message if you are interested in playing, would like to meet the team, come along to a game or just get straight on the court!

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History of Southcott Netball Club

In early 1973 a group of young housewives from the new Southcott Village Estate decided to get together for a game of netball and a practice session at Leopold Road School. After successful practice sessions, the group decided to join the Luton and Dunstable league, starting in the 4th Division that September.

The team progressed through the league until reaching Division 1, winning the League Cup Final in 1978. Over the years the club expanded from one to five teams, the Aize, Beeze, Ceeze, Deeze, Eeze. In September 1985 the original Southcott team members were looking to play in a weekday league ‘for fun’ and moved to the Aylesbury League, whilst newer members of the club stayed in the Luton and Dunstable league and became Leighton Buzzard Netball Club and Southcott in its current form was born.

The team still have the same ethos today as we did in 1985, playing for fun and with a great team spirit. We are always looking for new members and the majority of our team still live in and around the local estate.